Take Part Tots – Age 3-4
  • 10.15am-11.00am – Got a little drama queen or king?  Take Part Tots is just for them! Discovering all aspects of theatre, this is a great class for your little one to channel all things theatrical!

Take Part Tots is an introductory class to our ‘Theatrical Experience’ sessions we hold on Saturday mornings. We will be introducing all aspects of theatre skills; singing, learning new age-appropriate ‘show tunes’ and finding out about rhythm, timing and how sounds are formed, dancing; giving our ‘tots’ the confidence to try new dance moves and explore how their bodies can perform and acting; allowing our budding young actors to role play and practise improvisation and storytelling, developing speech and voice.

Parents are welcome to stay, but are encouraged to grab a coffee and wait in the coffee bar.  This helps with independence and confidence, we can come and get you should we need to, but to be honest most of the time you can enjoy a quiet brew without any disruption!

Classes on £3/week, paid termly upfront. For more  information please contact Sign up now, limited places available!